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SBR Operation Philosophy
Sequencing Batch Reactor actually represent a very elementary form of treatment process known as "Fill and Draw". Wastewater added to a reactor is treated to remove undesirable component, and is subsequently discharged. The SBR reactor is a self-contained system incorporating equalization, aeration and clarification, within the confines of a SINGLE basin.
The SBR uses the latest biomass conditioning technology. This enable the SBR system to attain nutrient control without the addition of chemical and to out perform continuous " flow through systems".
Normally the process follows the basic steps of; AERATE, SETTLE and DECANT. The actual cycle time will vary with the sewage results desired. If only BOD reduction is desired, a cycle time as 3 hours may be used. If further treatment, to obtain nitrification / denitrification f. e. is required, the cycle time can be extended to accommodate the process requirements.
The AERATE phase in the SBR system is typically time/level controlled and can be adjusted depending on the required removal efficiency. The AERATE phase is followed by the SETTLING PHASE. The settling represents the quiescent phase during which no aeration or mixing occurs and is also time/level controlled. The last step is the DECANT step representing the discharge of clarified sewage controlled by level in the reactor.

Aeration phase : Depending on capacity (max 4hrs)
Settling phase : Normally 45 to 60 minutes
Decant phase level within 30 min : Reduction from maximum to minimum

Disinfection of sewage in the above sump will be done using Hypochlorite solution. For Hypochlorite tank and dosing pump will be provided.

Sludge Removal
Sludge produced is less and is totally digested and hence has no odor. The sludge is removed by means of submersible pump in the SBR Reactor. The frequency of sludge removal will be once in a month (minimum) to a maximum of 3 months. The sludge can be dewatered using sludge drying beds or other dewatering device or can be directly applied as manure.

Typical Flow Diagram


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Typical SBR Layout

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SBR Process
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